How to order:

We have many product choices and variations and we’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible. Sports bras just require your material choice and size whilst others have more drop downs for trims. If you don’t want trims just choose none. When you have chosen just click on the add to basket for the transaction to be complete. We have chosen the best fabrics for each item & they are all different in their consistency. Please read the fabric explanation to get a better understanding if you’re unsure.

An explanation of our Fabrics:
Here is an explanation of the fabrics we offer. They come in different thicknesses and are suitable for different items.
VISCOSE: This material is patterned, thin, silky & floaty and so suitable for loose tops and some fitted tops with extra lining to help hold the shape as it has less elasticity than lycra.
SUPPLEX LYCRA: This fabric is thicker with a matt finish. It is a stretchy, supportive fabric thats breathable and strong. This is the chosen fabric for Sports Bras and clothing for the cooler months.
MERYL/POLYAMIDE; This fabric is thinner than supplex, has a silk finish and is also breathable. Great for tops and bottoms in all seasons.

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