Our Story

Why do women love everyone else’s curves but their own?

Fitness isn’t a size, it’s a feeling – it’s surprising how much better you’ll feel in some nicely tailored, good quality (and ethically made) sports gear with a decent bra.

Changing shape physically all starts in the mind. It’s time to lose that negative head-speak and feel good about yourself when you step into that sports session, class or gym – no matter what shape you’re in.

It’s all about accepting yourself exactly as you are. Because life is all about the journey not just the destination. It’s our mission to help you feel great and embrace your curves – and one we accept wholeheartedly.

Sam’s Story

Our founder, Sam Cairns, lives and breathes exercise – over the last 20 years she’s stomped, punched, kicked and stretched her way through mountains of sports gear as a fitness instructor.

As it turns out, burning a hole in the bum of her designer leggings – while doing some pretty vigorous sits ups at an aerobics workshop – was a blessing in disguise and the start of an expanded career.

‘I was really pee’d off,’ says Sam. ‘I’d paid a fortune for those leggings.’

One well-tied hoodie later, Sam was shuffling out of the class when she bumped into a woman called Julie, who was selling home-made, brightly coloured sportswear.

While replacing Sam’s bumless leggings the pair got chatting.

We’ve been Bosom Buddies ever since!

‘I really liked the patterns and materials Julie was using so I bought a couple of extra items from her,’ says Sam. ‘I get through a lot of sports gear at work. It’s really important that it washes well (no lingering smells here, please) and the colours don’t fade.

‘Once home, I gave them the proper ‘Sam trial’. Basically, a few weeks of intense exercise followed by plenty of spins in my machine. I wanted to check they were up to it in terms of quality and durability – and they passed with flying colours.

‘It was a match made in heaven for me, so I commissioned Julie to make me some pieces in different colours, styles and sizes… and Bosom Buddies was born.’

Ethical sportswear that performs

Bosom Buddies sports bras, tops and bottoms is already worn by some pretty amazing women, including world-class equestrian riders, marathon runners, tri-athletes, running clubs, women’s football teams, fitness instructors, gym bunnies and determined Mum’s getting back into shape.

When our first store opened in June 2017 – in the Cotswold town of Nailsworth – all of Sam’s hard work and commitment to bring ethically made sportswear to a wider audience is finally paying off.

In true Sam style, the entire shop is kitted out in upcycled materials. Everything from the stunning pallet counter to the coat hangers.

The only sweat in our gear is yours

Some sportswear has been associated with sweat shops and child exploitation. But the last thing we want to do is profit from another person’s misery.

As keen supporters of the UK’s circular economy, we’re proud to say that all of our sportswear is stitched together here in the UK. Yes, it’s 100% British Made and all the lovely people who make it are paid the National Living Wage.